Film Festival 2017

SVJFF films

October 21st - November 12th 2017

Join us for Opening Night Event with the Northern California Premiere of Jungle and our special guests, author/speaker Yossi Ghinsberg and producer Dana Lustig. Jungle is based on true events of Yossi in the Amazon jungle (played by Daniel Radcliffe) and Yossi's bestselling book "Jungle" (previously known as "Back from Tuichi") that sold millions of copies and was translated to 15 languages. Discussion and reception to follow.

Jungle - Yossi Ghinsberg

Jungle - Dana Lustig

Join us for the Centerpiece Event with the Northern California Premiere of My Hero Brother and our special guest, director Yonatan Nir. Nir has been telling stories for over a decade — including the critically acclaimed Dolphin Boy which was acquired by Disney Pictures.

My Hero Brother - Yonatan Nir
Closing Night will feature a screening of Ben-Gurion, Epilogue which is a documentary that reveals Ben-Gurion prophecy, his dedication to Zionism and a life filled with self-examination. We will be joined by director producer Yariv Mozer and David Ben-Gurion grandson Alon, for a discussion after the screening.

Ben-Gurion, Epilogue - Yariv Mozer

Ben-Gurion, Epilogue - Alon Ben-Gurion