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Out in the Dark
Underwritten by
Orli and Zack Rinat

A Wider Bridge

Out in the DarkOut in the Dark

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Nimer, a Palestinian student, dreams of a better life abroad. One fateful night he meets Roy, an Israeli lawyer. As their relationship deepens into love, Nimer is confronted with the harsh realities of a Palestinian society that refuses to accept him for his sexual identity, and an Israeli society that rejects him for his nationality. Nimer soon must choose between love and the life he thought he wanted.

Best Film, Haifa International Film Festival (2012)

Following the film

Out in the DarkDirector Michael Mayer will join us in person. Michael was born and raised in Haifa, Israel and studied film at USC. After a decade making movie trailers, Michael produced the documentary Driving Men. Out in the Dark had its world premiere at the Toronto Int'l Film Festival and went on to screen at over a hundred film festivals, winning 27 awards.

Hosted by Shevi Rosenfeld Loewinger.

Film Details

Michael Mayer
Israel, United States
Hebrew, Arabic
(English Subtitles)
Running time:
96 min.
Genre: Feature
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