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Late Summer Blues
The Good Deed
A Day in October

In this romantic and exciting drama, a young Danish resistance fighter reluctantly hides in a Jewish home during the Nazi occupation of Denmark. Against this backdrop of ever increasing danger and mounting tension the rescue of Denmark's Jews is at stake as the family faces life-and-death decisions.
Denmark, 1992, English, Color, 103 minutes

Echoes that Remain

Beautifully photographed with narration by actor Martin Landau, Echoes that Remain is a loving memorial to a way of life that now exists only in memory. Charming stories and anecdotes, peppered with Jewish humor and pathos, evoke the culture of East European Jewry with great warmth and nostalgia.
USA, 1994, English, Color and Black and white, 60 minutes.

Double Edge

Faye Dunaway is an American reporter assigned to cover the Arab/Israeli conflict in Jerusalem. She soon discovers that the issues are not as black and white as she would like them to be. She becomes caught in the middle of the fight as members of both sides vie for her support, leading to a shocking ending.
Israel, 1992, English, Color, 86 minutes.

Yiddle With His Fiddle

In one of her best performances Molly Picon, disguised as a boy, fiddles her way through the Polish countryside with a group of itinerant musicians. Filmed on location in Poland just before the war, this high spirited comedy shows Yidl seeking her fortune in the shtetl and on the bustling streets of Warsaw, carrying the spirit and song of the Jewish people: "Laugh at the wind, Yidl, and ride on!"
Poland, 1936, Yiddish with English subtitles, Black and white, 93 minutes.

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