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Alan and Naomi

USA,1992 English,Color, 95 min.
Two young Jewish teens living in NYC during WWII are worlds apart. Alan is a normal likeable youngster who is coerced into providing friendship to Naomi, a traumatized French refugee neighbor. As their relationship develops, Alan faces difficult decisions about commitment, trust and sacrifice as he tries to meet an adult responsibility.

Revolt of Job

Hungary, 1984, Hungarian/English Subtitles, Color, 98 min.
In this incredibly beautiful film, a Hungarian Jewish farmer devises a plan to outwit his destiny. Job and his wife have spent a lifetime attempting to bear healthy offspring, but none have survived and time is against them. Job decides to adopt a Christian orphan in the hope that the boy will be able to carry on his tradition and legacy. A unique portrayal of a strong and loving family relationship unfolds in this "Best Foreign Film" nominee for the Academy Awards 1984

A Day in October

In this romantic and exciting drama, a young Danish resistance fighter reluctantly hides in a Jewish home during the Nazi occupation of Denmark. Against this backdrop of ever increasing danger and mounting tension the rescue of Denmark's Jews is at stake as the family faces life-and-death decisions.
Denmark, 1992, English, Color, 103 minutes

Leon the Pig Farmer

Britain,1992,English,Color, 90 min.
Leon, a handsome young Jewish real estate agent, finds himself increasingly disillusioned by the hypocritical behavior of his boss, his colleagues, his girl friend, and even his family. Further complicating Leon's Jewish angst is a surprising revelation about the circumstances of his birth. This very clever and very funny British satire deftly explores the joys, the conflicts and the meaning of being a Jew in contemporary England. Unfortunatly we learned recently that Mark Frankel, the actor who played Leon in this film was killed in London on Sept. 24 1996 in a motorcycle accident.

Like a Bride

Mexico, 1993, Spanish and Ladino/ Eng Subtitles, Color, 115 min.
Like a Bride is a delightful drama about two young women friends coming of age in the 60's in Mexico City. Oshinka dreams of becoming an artist against the wishes of her Turkish Jewish immigrant family who believe that a woman's sole goal ought to be marriage. Rifke, the daughter of intellectual European immigrants, introduces Oshinka to the fellowship and idealism of the Zionist Socialist youth movement. Both ultimately must resolve their conflicts with tradition in order to achieve happiness.


Israel 1978, English, Color, 90 min.
Kazablan is a sparkling Israeli musical with a "West Side Story" twist. Can a 'white' Ashkenazi girl find happiness with a 'black' Sephardic war hero? Yehoram Gaon, an Israeli musical comedy star, sings and dances his way through an upbeat love story which also grapples with the issues of diversity in urban Jaffa.

The Cowboy

USA 1968 Yiddish,B&W, 11min
For those who long to hear the sound of Yiddish, The Cowboy provides a delightful spoof of a silent era Hollywood western, dubbed in Yiddish of course.

West of Hester St.

USA 1983 English,Color&B/W,60 min
Go west Yingele! Thousands of European Jews heeded Horace Greely's advice by entering the US through the Port of Galveston between 1907 and 1914. This fascinating docudrama chronicles these events using the personal story of a young immigrant adjusting to a new way of life far from a familiar culture. The late Sam Jaffe narrates this reconstruction of events which uses actors, period costumes, archival material and an original musical score to dramatize a unique and little known Jewish experience.

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