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Aaron's Magic Village

France/Hungary/USA, 80 minutes, 1997, Color, English, animation & music
Plucky Aaron, his pet goat Zlateh, and a goofy imp named Lantuch take on a sorcerer and his monstrous Golem, in order to save Chelm, the world's most foolish village. This animated adventure is based on stories by Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer and European Jewish folklore. Wonderfully narrated by Fyvush Finkel of Picket Fences, this colorful film is rated G and will entertain young children.

A Letter Without Words

USA, 62 minutes, 1998, B&W and Color, English and German with subtitles
Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize - 1998 Sundance Film Festival
During the 1930s German ban on independent filmmaking, defiant Ella Lewenz continued shooting film, crafting a veritable time capsule. She recorded political rallies, visits by such notables as Albert Einstein, and the life of the German Jewish aristocracy. Her granddaughter discovered the films in America in 1981 and structured them into a seamless correspondence between generations. This fascinating love letter is a personal and historical testament, tribute, and witness.

Autumn Sun

Argentina, 108 minutes, 1996, Color, Spanish with English subtitles
Winner - Best Latin American Film - Goya Award (Spanish Academy Awards)
Fifty-something Clara places an ad seeking a Jewish companion. She gets Saul, who is actually Raul and not Jewish. Because her brother is coming to visit, Clara decides to tutor Raul on how to act Jewish. A funny, poignant romance follows, as Clara must choose between her comfortable solitude and the risks of commitment. Clara and Raul have a gentle chemistry together, giving this film much charm, depth, and tenderness


Austria, 118 minutes, 1996, Color, German with English subtitles
Austrian Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film - 1997 Academy Awards
This gloriously photographed film, a riveting contemporary political thriller, tells a tale of love in an atmosphere of European extremism. Hannah, a young Jewish public relations agent, launches an advertising campaign for a respected toy manufacturer. She soon makes an alarming discovery that sets this swiftly-paced story racing. A deadly game develops, as the company's managing director is torn between the conflicts of conscience, family, and love.

Out for Love ? Be Back Shortly

Israel, 55 minutes, 1997, Color, Hebrew with English subtitles. Winner - Best Documentary - 1998 Jerusalem Film Festival
Dan, a reserve Israeli paratrooper, is yearning for love. When he meets young and lovely Iris, he believes that he has found his Venus. Unfortunately, she is soon to leave for her own military service. Unable to express his emotions with words, Dan records their relationship using film. He beautifully and humorously documents his struggle to express love in uncertain and dangerous times.

Shuli's Fiancé

Israel, 45 minutes, 1997, Color, Hebrew with English subtitles
From the Israeli TV series "Short Stories About Love"
This romantic farce takes place during the 1977 Israeli election. As the country waits for the results, a family joyfully waits for its youngest daughter's boyfriend to come and ask for Shuli's hand in marriage. A handsome stranger suddenly arrives, claiming to be Shuli's suitor. Is he more interested in Shuli or in Mazal, Shuli's beautiful divorced older sister?


Great Britain, 10 minutes, 1998, Black&White and Color, English, animation
Certificate of Merit - 1999 San Francisco International Film Festival
In this innovative animated short, Tana Ross expresses her experience as a child survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration camp thanks to the love of her grandmother. Disjointed black and white images vividly display the childhood silence Tana now describes. As the film progresses, the images become more animated, vivacious, and colorful. This beautiful film is an expressive evocation of a child's painful memories, fears, losses, and final liberation.

The Deserter's Wife

France and Israel, 86 minutes, 1992, Color,
French & Hebrew with subtitles
This gripping, suspenseful story focuses on French-born Nina and her husband Ilan. In the midst of Nina's rehearsals for an Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra performance, Ilan is called to duty in the West Bank. Ilan returns wounded in body and soul, suffering from deep shock, and refusing to speak. Nina sets out to discover what happened, piecing together the alarming cause of Ilan's plight.

Yana's Friends

Israel, 90 minutes, 1998, Color, Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles New Israeli Release - First Showing in the USA

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