Complete 2008 Film Festival List

The Bubble/HaBuah

Two gay men live with a straight woman, all Israelis, in the trendy and somewhat bohemian Sheinkin Street neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

English and Hebrew and Arabic w/subtitles

The Champagne Spy

It may be a documentary but this film feels more like a James Bond spy thriller.

A speaker following the Movie

English and Hebrew w/subtitles
The Debt

This is a nail-biting fiction with a seemingly plausible premise. Mossad agents capture a Mengele-like Nazi physician, intending to return him to Israel for trial. 

Shown With Short Movie
Student short—"Soul to Soul"

Hebrew, Arabic, German w/subtitles

Fugitive Pieces

A young Jewish boy's immediate family is murdered before his eyes by Nazis, but, through fate, his life is spared. 

Shown With the Short Movie

English, Greek, German & Yiddish w/subtitles
I Have Never Forgotten You:

The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal

A definitive and chair-gripping biography of famed Nazi-hunter and Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal

English and German w/subtitles

Knowledge is the Beginning

A collaborative effort by renowned pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim and Columbia University professor Edward Said, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra seeks, as its mission, to bring together young Arab and Israeli musicians as a source of hope and inspiration

English, Hebrew; Arabic, German w/subtitles

Ladino: 500 Years Young

It has been more than a half a millennium since the Jews were expelled from Spain. But beautiful Ladino (old Spanish with a mix of Hebrew) songs, of the Sephardic Jews continue to be heard throughout Europe, Israel and North Africa.

Bonus: Ladino Concert Follows Film

English, Greek, German and Yiddish w/subtitles
Max Minsky and Me

Nelly Sue Edelmeister is a cerebral 13-year-old Berlin wallflower who lives for astronomy, with a desire to become a star basketball player.

German w/subtitles

My Father, My Lord

This sensitively-directed film depicts the staggering price that a family can pay for an obsession with ritualistic observance, even in the face of enormous tragedy.

Shown With
Children of the Sun

Israeli filmmaker Ran Tal grew up on a kibbutz in an atmosphere of Socialist and Utopian idealism, when kibbutznikim were living their dream.

Hebrew and Yiddish w/subtitles

My Mexican Shiva

An Ashkenazi family in Mexico City celebrates shiva for its patriarch, who had a Gentile mistress many years younger than him

Spanish, Yiddish and Hebrew w/subtitles

The definitive work on the subject, this masterful documentary film chronicles the lengthy campaign, begun on a shoestring in the United States, to allow Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel.

English, Russian and Hebrew w/subtitles
A Secret/Un Secret

An insecure adolescent in post-war France, and a Catholic, always knew that he had been born Jewish.

French and Yiddish w/subtitles

The Secrets/Ha-Sodot

Two women, one Israeli-born and deeply religious and the other, secular, disdainful of tradition, and French-born, meet at a yeshiva in Safed.

Shown With Short Movie
A Kiss is A Kiss is A Kiss

Hebrew w/subtitles

Sixty Six

Bernie's Bar Mitzvah was going to be the affair to remember. But there was a little competition. His Bar Mitzvah in 1966 was precisely on the day of the World Cup soccer finals.
Family Event (age 7 and above)


Villa Jasmin

Jewish life in North Africa was vibrant and this very special feature film tells a poignant and romantic story.

Shown With Short Movie
A Trip to Prague

French, Arabic w/subtitles
Yiddish Theater, a Love Story

The Yiddish Theater of New York is the oldest continuously operating Yiddish theater in the world, having opened on the Lower East Side over 90 years ago. 

English and Yiddish w/subtitles
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