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VOLUNTEER: We need you!

The Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival has several volunteer opportunities. We're always looking for energetic, enthusiastic individuals who would like to contribute their skills to the continued success of the SVJFF. Fill in form below.


The SVJFF is looking for volunteers with knowledge of ticket sales to join the ticketing committee.  The ticket committee will evaluate the existing process of ticket sales and will recommend a new strategy. 


The film search committee needs people who are adept at searching for Jewish films and distributors worldwide for preview by the SJJFF preview committee. This person must have excellent browser searching capability as well as interest in Jewish-themed films.


The SVJFF is looking for someone who has an active interest in looking for and pursuing opportunities to partner with different cultural/community groups for presentations at the festival.


Help patrons at film events, such as collecting tickets, assist in finding seats, search for lost articles, and locate such facilities as rest rooms.


Do you love to surf the web? Use your browser skills and writing skills to publicize the SVJFF festival on line.


Use your network to recruit and channel volunteers into the appropriate festival committees.

What is the SVJFF production timeline?

We now offer year-long programming, so there is always something to do. We are always looking for committed volunteers.

For the Festival in October/November, we usually start our business year around January or February, when we welcome new volunteers. From that time until June or July we meet weekly to preview films and rate them. Around June or July we meet to select the films that will be featured in the Festival. From that time to the start of the Festival (around October) our volunteers are busy procuring the films and theater, publicizing the Festival and reaching out to bring new audiences. After the Festival is over, we meet to analyze data collected from audience evaluation. This information is used in the next season to select films that are of interest to our audience and to better advertise our event to specific demographics and localities.

What skills are you looking for?

Enthusiasm and dedication are the most important ‘skills’, but we are always in need for people with the following experience or interests: writing/editing, public speaking, computer graphics and layout, HTML/website maintenance, advertising, marketing, media relations, video technology, grant writing and fundraising.
To find out more about our organization or to volunteer please CONTACT US at or fill in form below.

Please choose those areas of interest:

Ticket Sales Ushers Film Search Outreach

Teen Screen Publicity/Marketing Recruiter/Coordinator

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Updated 9/2022

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